The Search Begins!

Where to begin? I suppose March… 13th… 1981. In their haste to get to the hospital, my parents leave the lights on in what was to become my room, which they had been prepping. The lights would remain on for three days. Perhaps this one careless decision brings us to right now. I’ll explain…
There are two inevitable consequences to leaving your lights on for a prolonged period of time:

  1. Your electric bill will be higher than necessary.
  2. The blobs of colored wax in your lava lamp will blend together. They will meld. Intertwine. They will be forever changed.


 For 15 years I gazed at the brilliant yellow and white dance while drifting off to sleep.

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that you couldn’t quite pinpoint? Couldn’t quite shake? A calling? Higher purpose…


Tomorrow morning our search begins.




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